About Us

What is AdLifeTime?

As the name implies it’s a webpage that involving paying for space to promote a product, service, or cause... It draws good attention towards brand, idea, and/or media. This webpage helps to spread awareness for certain idea or cause or even marketing a company’s brand, and its products or services that are of some use to consumer and potential buyers. Our job is to make your advertisement valuable and worth it as your trust is a priority and to make your Pixel(s) piece of web history. All of this with one payment only for lifetime as long as the web page is running. This webpage gleans your ideas that expresses what you want directly. Its bespoke for you with no vague terms, hassle free or hidden fees.

How do we use it?

All you have to do, is buying Pixel(s) as much as you like! Not just that, you can load the pixel(s) with various types of aspects, like, images/pictures, texts of your interest, and links to certain webpages of your choice... Just go to “Buy Pixel”, select the number of “Rows” and “Columns” for Pixel(s) space you desire to use (example, Rows: 5 / Columns: 10), so, you chose in this case 50 Pixels in the shape of rectangular, then fill it with text which you can choose the font size, color, and color background too, or attach an image, or link a URL. Then choose “Next” to position your Pixel(s) on the main webpage, after that confirm the position you chose, then “Pay”. As simple as that. The payment page will provide you with variety of payment options through PayPal (Master, Visa…).

Payment Method?

We as “Adlifetime” taking a highly measurement of security when dealing with online payment and/or gateways. Accordingly, we use PayPal system e-commerce payment as it’s the safest payment methodology used on the net up-to-date. It’s an electronic platform that facilitates payments between parties through online funds transfers, which is connected to a user's credit card or checking (current, saving, debit) account(s). All what you have to do, is to sign in/sign up to PayPal account after choosing your Pixel(s) as it will guide you directly to the payment screen. Login in, pay, then log out as simple as that.